The new Weightlifting and Powerlifting

After almost two years of planning, designing, and building, the BTB app is finally up and running! You can download the app starting in mid Mar and our first online event will be conducted in May 6th and 7th. No one can deny that the world of fitness and the world of competing in fitness has changed greatly over the past few years. Olympic Weightlifting and Powerlifting has grown immensely, unfortunately no where near the growth that CrossFit has experienced. Many of us attribute that to CrossFit's ability to compete remotely during the CrossFit Open and gym management programs online that link to social media. We completely understand why this hasn't taken off in weightlifting- scorecards are complex, time management is more involved, and the structure of a meet creates a challenge to digitize it. Well an advanced sports performance coach and American open competitor has teamed up with a CrossFit affiliate owner to take on those challenges!

BTB is a competition app that is moving weightlifting and powerlifting to the next level. This allows lifters to get involved in either sport and hone their skills from anywhere, create a closer community, encourage competition, and to make traditional meets easier and more efficient for hosts and coaches. There are two ways to use the patented BTB app:

1) Competing as an athlete/coach

Register for an event and weight class, then use your phone to compete from anywhere in the world! Our app live streams you performing a lift, keeps you informed of the time limit, and judges on the back end determine if it was a lift or a miss. Our scorecard in the app allows you to change your declared weights and order just like a normal meet. Your totals will be updated automatically and you can see and share your placing in live time.

2) Hosting a meet at your gym

Have you ever wanted to host a weightlifting meet but don't want to employ someone to set up and work the cards, find judges, stream to social media, and figure out how to manage the system clearly for the audience? Well BTB does all of that for you and since your only using the app to run the meet it can be USAW or USAPL sanctioned! Bottom line, its easier to host a meet. Coaches and athletes love it too. They don't need to crowd around the scorecard table to see the order or change the weights. You can do all that for your athlete while he or she is warming up.

All in all, BTB has changed the game. If you want to compete in weightlifting or host a meet, there is no better way to do it! Contact us now about any questions you might have about competing or if you would like to learn more about our software. If your a gym owner and thinking about running a meet, contact us to schedule your date now.

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