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Hey Friends of BTB,

We just want to update everyone with what is going on with our meet hosting technology. The release of our app is wayyy overdue and we are a little frustrated to say the least that we haven't been able to run this with you all yet. We have been holding off on marketing our product to the masses because we want to wait to give you the best finished product possible. We are currently still in testing and anticipate having about another month of fixing bugs before we release the app on the market. That means if everything stays on track from hear on out, we should have our first remote weightlifting meet and power lifting meet in Dec.

Im writing this right now to ensure you that we are doing this project the "Right Way". Its usually pretty tough to be the first one to do something. A lot of people said it wont be possible but we are about to release a product that we are sure is going to grow and make the weightlifting and powerlifting community more efficient and connected. Designing, programming, shoring up patents, and bringing to life this functionality has been over a year in the making. We are not just slapping together a video submission forum reminiscent of the CrossFit open or Lift Off challenges, we are weightlifters making a new step in the sport for weightlifters.

Imagine being able to compete in meets with live streaming function that has the traditional clock running, Judges watching the lifts and working the lights in live time, a scorecard that automatically updates lifting order for all the regular weight divisions, and doing it all in your own gym or home. Or imagine being able to host a meet in your own gym and not needing to find volunteers or hire people to man a score card table, work the clock, and have judges... We do it all for you. This is what I mean by we are doing this the right way! Get ready because something big is coming for weightlifting and powerlifting in the US.

Dont forget to like us on social media and periodically check out our website so you can be up to date on when we will start releasing events and hosting meets for gyms in the entire US.


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