How your gym can host a meet

Hi Guys,

We are continuing on trying to finish up our app. One way or another it will be released soon, and it is going to change competitive weightlifting! We are sorry we haven't been in touch much, we have been waiting on building or social following until the app is in the app markets. Until then, we want to update you a little bit on what it entails to run a meet in your gym using our software.

If you are a gym owner and have ever wanted to host a weightlifting meet or powerlifting meet but dont want to deal with the headache then Bend The Bar is for you! When you license our software to run your meets, you get 4 things:

- first benefit is no longer needing a scorecard table! in any traditional meet this area is disorganized, waiting on people to give attempts, and creating a crowd of competitors(usually in a cramped space), and the need for employees or volunteers to change the orders which is always susceptible to mistakes. All of that is out the window now. with BTB's software, the scorecard is in the hands of the athletes. Every athlete you have competing will have access to the app through his/her mobile device. They will choose their weight to be attempted in the app and it will update the order automatically for you. Just like any other event they have the opportunity to change their attempts but now the scorecard table does not need to relay this info to the announcer, the judges, and person working the media.

- 2nd benefit, you no longer need to hire media companies to stream the event or try to find someone that can organize the event with bulky equipment so the audience can see whats going on. With our software you only need one person with a smart phone or tablet! This one device will live stream the event across all yours and our social media, mirror the scorecard, names, order, weights, and judges lights on a TV in your gym. This has never been so easy. All you have to do is sit back and watch your meet be carried out.

- 3rd benefit is the role of judges. Traditionally you need 3 employees or volunteers to judge a lift then the outcome is input into a system by another employee and then the scorecard manager needs to update the order. All the judges need to do is press one button on their smartphones and everything automatically is updated. You dont even need to provide the judges if you want. You can decide to have judges in the room or we will watch it via the live stream and take care of it for you!

- 4th benefit is cost. This is the cheapest way to successfully run a meet and be profitable. Now you dont have to employ all these different people and companies for this and we wont charge you up front. BTB will handle the processing costs of each person that participates. Once registration is closed, we charge 20% of the meet revenue and then wire you your profits immediately. No more stressing out about how to charge and collect for a meet.

Hopefully your getting the point that if you not using this software then you are missing out :) Contact us anytime to learn more about how we can run your meet!

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