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Hey Guys we really want to thank all of our fans for being so patient and sticking with us as we are going through this long process of getting our app released to the public. We've been super busy with testing, finding and fixing bugs, creating server backups, and implementing third party software into our own programming to ensure that this will be best new product introduced to the entire sports world! 😉

Since our team has been so busy getting the software ready for you we really haven’t been keeping up our duties to engage and talk about our app to the strength community. This here is going to be a basic blog post but we just want to introduce you to some of the features that you are going to be able to experience when the BTB app is released. I know you all have been waiting long so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about competing in our meets our having us run a meet for you with our software!

As im writing this, we are about 2 weeks out from 2018 AO series 1 and the Arnold. And as excited as I am for it, Im just thinking about the massive involvement it takes to run events of this size in the traditional way. Think about what it includes: registering and accepting payments from athletes and spectators, setting up platforms and stages for hundreds of people, setting up multiple scorecard tables and needing experienced managers to work those scorecard tables, relaying that to the judges and AV systems, making sure you have trained judges, creating enough space for athletes and coaches to warmup, setting up live streaming equipment to video the event, and fixing software to record placings and ranks for everyone to see…. Its crazy.. Now imagine how awesome it would be to automate every single one of those steps all in one easy to use app that is downloadable on your phone.. Yeah yeah.. I know that seems impossible at first, but I promise you its not. Every gym owner in the world will soon be able to set up events like this with no effort involved. And Every weightlifter or powerlifter in the world will be able to compete in events like this without even leaving their home gyms!

I think one of the most important things that is going to make this app change the weightlifting community is the live streaming function built into the app. Why is this something new and different? Well first of all it sounds simple but it is quite a complex system to code into every one’s phone. This stream will take place across hundreds of devices across many miles with judges watching on the back-end along with audiences all in real time. Think about something like Lift Off or the CrossFit Open. Remote competition isn’t anything new but competing in real time is! Now you wont have to video your self, having no idea what the competition is doing and then send in a recorded video and see what happens after all the videos have been reviewed. Now your actually lifting in front of an audience, other competitors, and judges all in real time. It’s a simple concept to think about it but it changes everything!

I think the other most innovative aspect of the BTB app is basically putting the scorecard table in the hands of each athlete.. If you have competed before, you know how stressful and disorganized this situation can be: You are in the warmup area getting ready for your lift. Your competitors hit easy looking openers and instead of staying with the pack, you want to open a little heavier to get you higher up on the scorecard and mess with the other lifters’ heads. So you relay that to your coach and then he relays that to the table manager, and they move the cards around and everybody’s order changes a bit and then you coach come back to you. Guess what… 3 other guys just did the same thing and now it is your turn to lift and now your put on the defensive without even knowing. Your up to lift and your frazzled and you just missed your opener!!! Shit! Now what??

Ok that’s cool, its actually a huge part of why weightlifting is so fun! But imagine the same scenario but now you are competing in a meet that is using the BTB software to organize the meet: You are in the warmup area getting ready for your lift. Your competitors hit easy looking openers and instead of staying with the pack, you want to open a little heavier to get you higher up on the scorecard and mess with the other lifters’ heads. All you have to do is look at your phone, touch a button and change your attempt. You see the order change immediately but shit, someone just changed the order again. You are seeing the scorecard and lifting order automatically update in your phone without relaying it to coaches and them relaying it to the table. You are in control of what’s going on and your ready to lift. Boom! You just hit your opener and put out a good vibe for the rest of your attempts! Yuuuuuppp that’s how it is!

If you’re a fan of lifting be sure to keep an eye out on our social media pages and our website for updates on our releasement. Its going to be one hell of a ride and we’d love to have you with us for our inaugural meet!

Till next time,

The crew at BTB

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